Dancing Cactus Toy

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  • Singing and dancing cactus toy: The singing and dancing cactus toy has 120 songs, singing while dancing its body and emitting a rhythmic flash.
  • Cactus toy that can record and talk: The talking cactus toy can record what you say and repeat it, the sound will be very interesting after processing, try to talk with it, which will definitely bring you a happy mood.
  • High quality plush toys: The dancing cactus toy is made of non-toxic and harmless soft plush fabric, the fabric is comfortable and will not cause any harm, children can play with confidence. The bottom of the cactus toy is plastic, so it can be placed firmly on the table, cleaning only need to wipe with a damp cloth.
  • USB Charging: To save the trouble of buying and installing and replacing the batteries when small parts fall off, we designed the USB charging port with the USB charging cable on the electronic dancing cactus. Simply charge the talking cactus toy for half an hour, turn on the switch and use it for a long time.
  • Perfect Gift: A perfect gift for your kids or friends. This fun toy is sure to make the person who receives it laugh! The upbeat music and dance is perfect for creating a pleasant atmosphere and hosting parties, and can also be used as a room decoration. It is sure to be a great stress relieving toy for adults and an educational toy for children.
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Style 1: 3 English songs (battery)
Style 2: 120 English songs + lighting + repeat (battery)
Style 3: Mexican style version 120 English songs + lighting + repeat (battery)
Style 4: 3 English songs + cowboy hat + scarf (battery)
Style 5: 3 English songs + Hawaiian yellow hat + clothes (battery)
Style 6: 3 English songs + Mexican hat + cape (battery)
Style 7: 3 English songs + sunglasses + hat (battery)
Style 8: 3 English songs + Christmas style (battery)
Style 9: 3 English songs + sand hammer (battery)
Style 10: 120 English songs + cowboy hat + scarf + repeat + lighting (battery)
Style 11: 120 English songs + Hawaiian yellow hat + clothes + repeat + lighting (battery)
Style 12: 120 English songs + Mexican hat + cape + repeat + lighting (battery)
Style 13: 120 English songs + lighting +repeat (USB)
Style 14: 120 English songs + lighting +repeat + repeat (USB)


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  1. Trevor

    Works. Charging from usb is your cable. Shipping fast.

  2. Customer

    Good store led some days to send, but everything is well, very cool this cactus Dancy. Not taxed as purchase

  3. Customer

    Very Nice

  4. M***y

    dancing and sing and talking like you , songs in english but she can repeat any language as i am arabic and english and frensh speaker

  5. Customer


  6. Customer

    I ordered it in 18/10/2021, they sent it out very soon, and I received it in 03/11/2021. It’s very nice, it works very well. The cable works properly.

  7. M***n

    I highly recommend buying from this store. Honest and reliable. Thanks.

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