LED Sound Bar

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  • The simple design of Sound Control Music Rhythm Light can decorate your car, TV or computer system with beautiful, exotic and romantic interiors.
  • LED lights with anti-collision and anti-corrosion. USB port is suitable for car, SUV, van or home decoration
  • Extend the cable length of the rhythm light to facilitate installation, peel off the 3M double-sided tape on the back, plug and play
  • Built-In Battery, the bar light is built battery inside.
  • Smart App Control: Enjoy access to an intuitive timer function, customizable DIY colors and light effects, plus zestful music and scene modes. With these features, transforming how you watch TV is easier than ever.
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Brand Name


Is Bulbs Included






Model Number


Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Battery Type

Lithium Metal



Light Source

LED Bulbs

Is Batteries Required




Is Batteries Included



RGB pickup ambient light


ABS + electronic components


Black, White, Silver White (optional)

Input voltage

DC 5V 1A

Input interface


Frequency response







12 dynamic modes + 18 voice control modes


Car/desktop/home speakers/games/outdoor parties, etc.

  1. M***o

    All works. I am happy. Recommend salesman. Cool Bajer. 10/10

  2. A***r

    Product arrived fast, attentive. OK the product appears to be good, bought the battery and lasts until well, it is small but pleases well and can be placed anywhere, responds well to sound. (Criticism) the product has app to control, has no option sync with some music, answer only microphone, giving much miss in lighting effects, sometimes when a serious it recognizes and just leaving not having a rhythm cool. But overall I like and not taxed. Thank you and have a great day. 🙂

  3. V***m

    Super cool the rod LEDs (equalizer). Recommend!!!

  4. B***a

    Great product, several light effect modes in USBC connection. Reacts well to sounds I advise

  5. A***n

    Fire! Always liked such things =). Everything works great. There are enough settings, you can connect with the phone on BT, in the kit there is a sub-charge, a cord for charging with a Type-C connector. Height 18 cm, width 1,5 cm. Assembled firmly (on latches or glued), the case is made of good plastic, looks good. Short-high! I advise you to take a pair of stereo.

  6. V***w

    Good quality and fast shipping thanks store

  7. L***s


  8. R***i

    Super gadżet 🙂

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