Retro Iron Flower Vases

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Retro Iron Flower Vases: Beautiful and environmental friendly, made of iron and glass, durable.

Easy Installation: These Retro Iron Flower Vases are easy to install and is so light that you can move your garden to anywhere in and around the house.

Wide applications: The vases can not only be filled with flowers, branches, wheat and other plant decorations, but also filled with pearls, pebbles and other vase fillers.

Perfect decorations & gifts: Simple design, as birthday decoration, wedding decoration, living room decoration, kitchen decoration, bedroom decoration. Make it a gift for your girlfriend, family, friends, etc.

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Product name Wire vase
Material iron
Feature Minimalism
Single weight about 100g
Precautions The crafts are not absolutely perfect, there are some flaws in the welding parts, and a small number of unobvious positions are off the paint is normal

Note: Does not contain glass cups
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Details show:

Type A: width 12cm, height 23cm, bottom diameter 12cm
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Type B: width 12cm, height 16cm, bottom diameter 6.5cm
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Type C: width 24cm, height 23.5cm, bottom diameter 6.5cm
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Type D: width 15cm, height 20cm, bottom diameter 6.5cm
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Type E: width 12cm, height 14.5cm, bottom diameter 12cm

Hf80a362c746c4bb2b9f20075e1c52bf4T TrendingWarehouse

Type F: width 10.5cm, height 23cm, bottom diameter 9cm
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Type G: width 16cm, height 18cm, bottom diameter 10cm
Hfe31cc68caf745b5a3061e568e504072l TrendingWarehouse

Type H: 11cm in width, 15.5cm in height, and 11cm in diameter at the bottom
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Scene show

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H3aeacc38eb464029be47317ec2984d22e TrendingWarehouse


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H8e6c53df415b43769efa7ab7db543d5a0 TrendingWarehouse

H0fd2b65bed7f4b059361bef9cac85c13y TrendingWarehouse

H15aea790d36842bdabc3e721879dc6e3S TrendingWarehouse

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Tabletop Vase


Not easy to deform, durable

Use form

Desktop type, floor type, hanging pot type, combined type


Wrought iron


Without cup

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